March 9, 2015

Road Trip

It was the late 1990's,
Buffalo was back east,
The van veered,
And came to a stop,
Somewhere near the California border.

A hushed argument,
If there is such a thing,
And everything outside looked dusty.

It wasn't even time for dinner yet.

"Take half. And get out."
I'm driving, you said.
We'll figure it out ourselves, you said.

"We aren't going to Disney anymore?"

As the money was counted,
I thought to myself,
Does it cost that much to travel for two weeks?

It got a little louder, but in a short time,
The money was put back in the glove box.

"You're done, right?"

We arrived home a few weeks later,
And when I was asked about my favorite part of the trip,
I lied and said Disney.