July 19, 2014

Employees In New York City Can Use Paid Sick Leave Starting July 30th

New York City's new Paid Sick Leave Law, which applies to most employees in NYC, is already in effect.

Starting on July 30, 2014, employees who have been accruing time may use their sick leave.

This law directly impacts any employee in New York City who works more than 80 hours a year. I send my condolences to anyone working 79:59:59 hours per year.

From the Department of Consumer Affairs website:

"If you are an employer, including a nonprofit or small business, you must provide:

   • Paid sick leave if you have 5 or more employees who work in NYC or unpaid sick
     leave if you have fewer than 5 employees.
   • 2 days of paid sick leave to domestic workers who have worked for you for more
     than 1 year. This leave is in addition to the 3 days of paid rest to which
     domestic workers are entitled under New York State Labor Law."

Earlier this week, Mayor Bill de Blasio joined volunteers and government officials in Brooklyn to raise awareness for the new law.

"People have the ability when they are sick, when their child is sick, when their parent is sick, to spend a few days getting well, helping others get well -- not bring their sickness to work," said De Blasio.

Okay, okay. Who wants to get the flu and hang out in Prospect Park with me while businesses go under?

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