September 27, 2013

Two Princes, Two Cities

They stopped playing the Spin Doctors,
And lights flickered on real slow,
The abrasive light reflected off your face,
And I eyed the scar that trailed from your chin.

Down the lower part of your neck,
Diving into your light blue V-neck,
As if it was one continuous line,
Leading to more mystery.

Is it still 93?
Of course not, it’s 2013,
A great year, right?
But just 20 years ago,
You were my age,

Blah, take me back to the 90’s.

Would we have been together,
If I was 24, back then, too,
Or, at least friends?

We’d probably be friends.
Or at least I think so.

Let’s go back,
And act surprised when “Two Princes” is used in some rom-com,
Or a montage in a middle of some movie,
“Hey, I’m going to get some popcorn, what did you want?”
Don’t forget, don’t forget,
Cause I’m sure the line will be long,
And there’s no phone to text me,
That’s for sure.

The lights back on,
But, it’s not flickering;
It’s in full force.
No more reflections,
And more admissions,
Let’s go home,
Well, back to your place,
Cause I want to listen to that song again,
Or something like that.

Two princes.

One in New York,
One in Los Angeles.

We’ll see how it goes.