April 16, 2013

L To Brooklyn

Where are you going?

I look up and I wonder if you noticed me pretending to read my book.

Uh, me?
I'm going to Brooklyn.

Well, I suppose I'm going to Queens,
But I get off in Brooklyn,
And my apartment is a few streets away,
In Queens.

I'm going to Queens.

You just watch me,
And so do the other straphangers,
Mostly cause they're bored,
And we've been stuck under the river for seven or eight minutes.

It's easier to say Brooklyn,
I say,
And you say nothing.

Are you going to Queens?
I ask.

The train moves,
I jerk forward,
And you walk towards the door.

"Now arriving to Bedford."

No, I'm going to Brooklyn.

You walk off,
And I go back to reading my book,
Well, pretending to read my book.

I slide your card into my right pocket.