February 18, 2013

Out & Equal At Work: From Closet To Corner Office

Sure, it's common place to see LGBT celebrities and entertainers in the spotlight, but what about the movers and shakers in business, finance, tourism and other industries?

As Millennials, the acceptance of homosexuality in the workplace seems to be evolving, but many people are not aware that you can be fired in dozens of states simply for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

I had a chance to read Out & Equal At Work: From Closet To Corner Office and I highly recommend it; particularly for those young professionals and budding entrepreneurs who want advice from established and successful business professionals.

"The anthology shows how advancing LGBT rights in the workplace helped advance Kayla Shell to her current role of Legal Director at Dell, how Maggie Stumpp found support as an executive at Prudential during her transition from male to female, how George Kalogridis bravely came out and worked his way to President of Disneyland Resort, and how some contributors dealt with multiple diversity issues like Rosalyn Taylor O’Neale, Chief Diversity Officer of Campbell Soup, as an African American woman and lesbian. Deborah Dagit, Chief Diversity Officer of Merck, shares her experience of being part of the differently-abled community and an ally to the LGBT community."

Out & Equal, founded by Selisse Berry, is a non-profit headquartered in San Francisco which is committed to ending employment discrimination for the LGBT community.

I recommend buying the book; it's a great subway read and if you can guess which gay dude I have the biggest crush on in the anthology, I'll give you my copy for free.