September 18, 2011

My Visit to El Salvador

During the summer of 2009, I had the amazing opportunity to spend two weeks traveling around El Salvador. As a college sophomore who had been to Jamaica the year before doing similar service work, I have to say that this two week trip changed me. 

It was the trip where I started to question humanity, question religion, and simply, question the motives of those in the United States and abroad. 

I often flash back to one day in specific -- sitting in a field near a small village while listening to the lone survivor of a massacre. His family, friends, and neighbors were raped, tortured, mutilated, and all were killed. I will write in the future about my experiences in El Salvador and what I learned about the Salvadoran Civil War, but for now, I would like to share some beautiful pictures from my trip to a country with an ugly past.

The photograph above is one of my favorites. While walking down the street in the small village of Suchitoto, I spoke with a local and she wanted me to take her picture. She had never seen a digital camera before and I was happy to show her the portrait.