February 14, 2019

Short Story: North Tonawanda, 2029

At first Segar was slightly amused when he heard about the housing track malfunctions, just like everybody else.

But when was that again? 

Five winters ago? 

How funny, he thought at the start: the rich and famous, trapped in their high-tech homes, sealed away from society. 

Why? Because they were uber paranoid or liked privacy or whatever. But maybe some of them didn’t know the capabilities of Gafegan and their assistants or managers set it up just in case.

But whatever the case, it was a glitch. Something in the code (maybe a misplaced letter?) that locked it down, never to start up again. 

But then more news came in, from the nursing homes, and the schools, and the colleges. 

And then there was a new world order within days.