December 5, 2018

Gay Men in America: The 2% in 2020

It's claimed that just above two percent of men in the United States are gay.

Another four percent of Americans are bisexual.

This, of course, has ramifications.

Nationalism, fascism, income inequality, racism and collectivism has divided the country since the 1980's.

These elements, in part, greatly accelerate as more people allow technology, social media and cell phones to take over their lives.

During this same era, the acceptance of gay men has drastically increased: favoring high class, masculine, blue-collar, European-American and college-educated guys in big cities.

Yes, federal marriage has been legal since 2015, but there are endless places where legalized homophobia occurs, oftentimes at the state or local level.

If this is not changed swiftly, the consequences will be serious, if not deadly.

Due to many factors, including spontaneous order, elements have aligned to allow us to directly impact issues that are important to us. That includes having a direct say in the type of immigrants allowed into the country, how religion should have no impact on laws, gun rights and full equality and protections - as all men deserve.

The next House of Representatives election will be held on November 3, 2020.