March 5, 2018

Short Story: The Lakes

It’s 2024. Before a leaked environmental report is pulled offline, society is informed of the only inhabitable areas where human life will sustain into the next generation.

As the Great Lakes region deals with the influx, a conspiracy is expected as almost two dozen cities endure the largest mass migration in human history.

How will the
residents of Ashtabula, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Erie, Fort Wayne, Gary, Hamilton, Indianapolis, Jamestown, Kingston, Lansing, Mississauga, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Quebec City, Rochester, Sandusky, Toronto, Windsor and Youngstown respond to their importance?

The Lakes, a ten-part short story with illustrations:

1. Our new neighbors to the west.
2. A gem of downtown Buffalo.
3. Yellow flowers for the patriots.
4. Shopping for the wife.
5. Spring 1989.
6. The resistance.
7. Inspired by the riots.
8. Going offline.
9. She ponders her options.
10. It begins.