June 6, 2015

I Used To Think

I used to think there was a heaven,
And a place where people went,
When they didn't follow the rules set by man.

I used to think things would make more sense,
When I walked across the stage after four years,
But now I feel like I have more questions than before.

I used to think that love was a powerful force,
And I still believe this to be true,
But it's hard for me to grasp it in all dimensions.

I used to think that things would turn out fair,
And that I would tell my kids a story of the old days,
But now I don't know if the stories will be happy or sad.

I used to think about a lot of things,
And now I think about a lot more,
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I used to think about my future,
As I sat with my back against my door,
With Nirvana playing across the room.

My parents had told me to go to bed hours before.

But I couldn't fall asleep,
Because I knew my future was coming,
And I just couldn't wait to get there.