April 10, 2015

Koreatown Apartment

I miss my apartment,
And the extended family who lived across the way.

Two floors down,
The alley diving us.

They'd have dinner at the same time every night.

I miss my neighborhood,
Not too far from downtown,
But far enough from the glitz & grime of Hollywood.

Just enough,
'Cause when I cruised down the miracle mile,
I never wanted to turn right.

I kept on driving,
Bringing me to the water in Santa Monica.

I miss my apartment,
My Koreatown apartment.

I'll be back California,
Don't worry,
Maybe to Los Angeles again,
But probably not.

And there I'll be,
Writing love letters to New York,
Maybe from San Francisco,
Probably from San Francisco.

Saying how I miss my apartment back east.