April 22, 2014

I Lost Flat Stanley, So I'm Sending This Letter In His Place

A few months ago, my nephew sent me a Flat Stanley to take with me on my travels

Unfortunately, he was lost somewhere between Los Angeles, California and Dublin, Ireland

Since I'm a firm believer that everything does not happen for a reason, I've decided to teach his classmates a lesson on history, travel, love and relocation.

Dear Students,

I had an amazing time traveling throughout the world!

The majority of my time was spent in New York City, where I stayed with Jeffrey, who is the uncle of Trevor. Jeffrey is now 25-years-old and was a student at the same elementary school around twenty years ago.

Over the past few months, I was able to spend time & travel to the following locations:

New York City: The largest city in the United States! Did you know that Buffalo is the second largest city in New York?
Los Angeles, California: I saw many celebrities! I went to Santa Monica Beach, took photos in front of the Hollywood Sign and did a little shopping on Rodeo Drive.
Boston, Massachusetts: I learned about the founding of our nation!
Nashville, Tennessee: Live country music & southern hospitality! A pretty cool place, but I really prefer the Northeast and West coast.
Dublin, Ireland: The largest city in Ireland! I’ve included a photo of me doing some sightseeing.
Galway, Ireland: A cool college town with great food and great people!

One of my happiest times is when I went to Ireland. I spent a week – mostly in Dublin and a few days in Galway on the western coast of the country – and I met many interesting people. They spoke a little different than those in America; their accents quick and direct, and oftentimes, I was left hanging on their words, asking them to repeat what they said. I can’t wait to go back!

The Northeast United States has the highest concentration of Irish descendants in America, so it’s possible that you may have Irish roots, too.

Prior to Ireland, I was in Los Angeles … a place where I fell in love with a woman named Flat Stacey. She is from Detroit, another rust belt city, and after much consideration, I decided to move to California to be with her. We are very happy.

I really enjoyed Lancaster, but the world is too large to stay in one place your whole life! Get good grades, stay involved and find out what your interests are early in school! Be nice to each other and don’t bully – it’s not cool at all.

I’ve sent along a few photos! I hope the other Flat Stanley’s had fun, too.

Sending my regards from Los Angeles,

Flat Stanley