February 2, 2013

Don't Ask Michael Musto If He's A Comedy Writer

While attending a fundraiser last week, I ran into Michael Musto, a writer for a popular The Village Voice blog, La Dolce Musto.

I've read it a few times and as a writer myself, figured I would make small talk before the show began.

"Hey, I'm Jeffrey. I read your blog. Aren't you a comedy writer?"

Musto wasn't impressed.

He rolled his eyes, didn't answer and turned to the person next to him and started whispering.

His blog usually does have a comedic and sarcastic tone, but maybe not.

Anyways, whatever you do, don't ask Michael Musto if he's a comedy writer.

I also had the chance to talk with Judith Light, who was probably the sweetest celebrity I've ever met and still looks amazing.

She's the boss, baby!


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