January 28, 2013

2 Social Media Ideas For Those Who Will Be Single On Valentine's Day

Since I spend my workday coming up with social media concepts, I figured I would help you single folks with a handful of social media updates for February 14, 2013.

For the most part, I want to see a little bit of variety on Facebook and Twitter this year.

Posts such as "THIS HOLIDAY WAS CREATED BY HALLMARK" or hearing every last detail of your date - including the cut and temperature of your steak - are getting a little old.

Nobody cares that you are eating lobster, just as nobody cares when I eat an entire pizza by myself after analyzing my love life.

Additionally, I look forward to the "72 Amazing Pictures Of Your Shit That Look Like Hearts" or "22 Tumors That Look Like Saint Valentine" posts that most likely will appear a day or two before Valentine's Day on BuzzFeed.

Idea One:

Throughout the day, tweet reasons why you think you are single, such as:

"Reason #7: I was cheated on once, now I can never get over it and have a real relationship!"

"Reason #18: I think I'm better than everyone in this city ... Why can't I live in NYC or LA?"

"Reason #23: I've had a fuck buddy for 3 years and think 2013 will be the year to settle down!"

A Generation Y Perspective On Love

Idea Two:

Send me an anonymous letter that I will post on Valentine's Day describing your crush and why you like them.

I think it would be cute and who knows ... maybe they'll see it?

PS - Same-sex marriage is only recognized in a handful of US states. 

Let's keep working to end this by Valentine's Day 2014.


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