April 29, 2012

The Real Reasons Why Connecticut Repealed The Death Penalty

This past Wednesday, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed a new law that ends the death penalty for future crimes in Connecticut.  This measure makes Connecticut the 17th state in America to abolish capital punishment. According to a recent Quinnipiac University Poll, 62 percent of registered voters in the state still favor the death penalty for those convicted of murder, while 47 percent of voters disagreed with Malloy's handling of the issue.

Here are the real reasons why the Governor of Connecticut signed a law that ended the death penalty.

Y.O.L.O. - Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the most annoying fucking phrase of the decade inspired Dannel P. Malloy.  With three sons, it appears that "You Only Live Once" was most likely heard around his household over the past few months, subconsciously raising awareness to the Governor that yes, it's shocking, but people do actually only live once.  In other news, Jesus was overheard saying, "Those idiots.  I lived twice."

History - Nathan Hale, a soldier for the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, was hanged in 1776 after being caught by the British.  Considered an American hero since the founding of the United States, he was deemed the official hero of Connecticut in 1985.  His famous last words, "I only regret that I have but one life to live for my country," possibly helped influence the new law.  I am not completely sure, but I heard the last words of Marie Antoinette  were "let them eat cake, but also take away their guillotines, please."

They Be Broke -  In the 1990's, the largest city of Connecticut, Bridgeport, filed for bankruptcy.  And contrary to popular belief, it actually costs MORE MONEY for someone to be on death row than it does for life in prison; so, those of you who have been using this stupid excuse in "defense" of the death penalty, crack a fucking book or use Google for something other than free porn.

April 25, 2012

Guess What? New York City Is Not That Expensive

Alright, I think this is one of my first articles where I give financial advice. I'm trying to go all Suze Orman on your ass; except I look a little better with blonde hair and I act more like a lesbian than she does.  Anyways, after going to college in a medium-sized city and living in both Los Angeles and New York over the past year, I feel as if I have a good grasp on what it means to struggle and succeed financially in a variety of cities as a young adult.

At the end of the day, New York City isn't as expensive as you would think.  
Let me break it down for you.

Transportation -
There are around a dozen cities in the United States where you don't actually need a car to have a get around the city and have a life, with New York City being the prime example. One of my biggest turn offs of Los Angeles was that I had to take my car everywhere, with the exception of a few times when fate and destiny crossed and the bar I wanted to go to fell near the underused subway line.

Here is what an average young adult typically spends on transportation a year if they have a car. Please note that these figures do not even take into consideration what you paid for the car or worse, if you lease.

Car Insurance - $125 x 12 = $1,500
Gas- $200 x 12 = $2,400
Maintenance, Tune ups, tickets, etc - $1,200

That's $5,100 folks - before your monthly car payment, if you have one.  Of course, this total may vary for each person, but typically, this is what young adults who use their car five to seven days per week are paying for transportation costs.

A one month, unlimited metro pass in New York City is $1,248 a year

Going Out -
I'm from Buffalo. I've went out with 25 bucks before and it lasted me close to six hours. Well, Toto, we ain't in da rust belt no mo. But, that does mean a night in New York City is going to cost an arm and a leg.

How hard is it to use Google to type in "Happy Hour near Madison Square Garden" or something of that nature? Even better, it's a fun experience to stumble around funky (but safe) neighborhoods with friends in order to find cool and inexpensive venues to spend a few hours. The past few weeks, I've met friends at interesting and even a few upscale places with beers around $4 and mixed drinks at $5.  Yeah, it's nice once in awhile to go out for a pricey dinner or have a $15 martini for the experience, but if you think that's something that should occur three to four times per week, you're going to be broke soon, sister.

Check out my review of Scoutmob, a smart phone application where you can save 50% on dinner, drinks, and a variety of services.

Side note: If you are a scene type of person, as in, you go to uppity bars or clubs in pursuit of spotting and hanging out with celebrities,  I would actually advise against it.  For the most part, the times I have crossed paths with that crowd occurs at dive bars and hole in the walls.  Well, except Adam Lambert, who was at a trendy gay bar in Hollywood. But hes a douche bag, so that doesn't count.  Find out why Adam Lambert Is A Diva.

- It's New York City for fucks sake. You don't need cable. You don't need a $150 sweater; nobody pays attention to you on the street, you're in your 20's, and you can get one that looks just as good from Banana Republic for $40 on the discount rack.  You can live in the Big Apple without big debt or being "cheap," and you can have an awesome fucking time doing it.

First Openly Gay Legislator In Pennsylvania?

Last year, as a senior at Canisius College, the e-board of the gay-straight alliance and I decided to bring Brian Sims to campus. He came to my alma mater to speak about homophobia in sports; he was the only All-American and team captain on a college football team to come out as homosexual in the history of the NCAA.

Sims, 33, is making news again. A Democrat, he won the primary in District 182 in Pennyslvania and faces no Republican opposition, so he is on track to become the first openly gay legislator in the state.

Congrats to Brian and hopefully, this is a sign of great things to come for the LGBT community.

April 24, 2012

90's Music You Should Listen To During Sex

Kurt Cobain by Jeffrey Hartinger
Come As You Are - Nirvana, 1992.  As a major fan of the Kurt Cobain and the band, the mission of this group was pretty much to have a good time, be yourself, and just go with the flow; which, quite perfectly, is what one should be doing in the bedroom.  That being said, it seems that everyone has there own unique reaction when they have an orgasm.  I have a, um, friend, that screams on the top of his lungs during his big moment, passes out for two hours, wakes of crying, and then reads from the Bible while wearing a burqa. Yeah, a friend ... not me.  Anyways, who cares?  Come as you are, and then come as you are.

Sex And Candy - Marcy Playground, 1997.  I was 8-years-old when this song came out, a time in my life when I was deeply interested in candy and deeply concerned on why my penis kept getting hard every now and then.  To pay homage to this interesting time in our lives, let's relive the past with some hardcore sex, Marcy Playground playing on repeat, and a bed full of Pez!

Come To My Window - Melissa Etheridge, 1994. In addition to Melissa, I am quite a fan of lesbian or bisexual female singers ... Ani Difranco, Joan Osborne, and Clay Aiken are pretty good, too. This hit would not usually be found playing during romp sessions, but I believe it could be a good song to jam out to during sex.  A little role play maybe? Play this 90's hit, leave your bedroom window open, and have your partner or fuck buddy let themselves into your house or apartment.  As I live in New York City and date a guy that lives on the 21st floor in Manhattan, this is no longer an option for me.  Instead of coming to his window, I come on his window.

Blue - Eiffel 65, 1999.  There is often a divide among gay and straight men, but I believe this song will bring everyone together in the bedroom; BLUE BALLS is universal. If your girlfriend or boyfriend has not really been putting out lately, it's time to step up your game so your balls no longer look like the knuckles of Papa Smurf. The lyrics are pretty repetitive, so play this song and try to seduce, or as I like to call it, trick, your lover into fucking you.

Closing Time - Semisonic, 1998. As busy young adults, we enjoy going out, binge drinking, and having romps with strangers. This iconic song should be at the end of your sex play list that signifies to your new fuck buddy that yes, although the bars stay open all night, your legs do not.  You have things to do, people to see, and happy hours to get to the next morning.  Around 4 minutes long, I believe this song gives one enough time to leave a bar - and quite honestly - reach a nut before play time is over.

April 23, 2012

Why You Should Send A Letter To Canisius College

Last week, I wrote an op-ed in The Advocate about a situation that occurred at my alma mater of Canisius College in Buffalo, New York.

The incident, in which the administration cancelled an event of an individual that is the son of two lesbian mothers, sparked outrage for both students, alumni, and those in the Buffalo area that wanted to attend the event.

Take a moment to read my op-ed, How Jesuits Dance With LGBT Students, and send a letter to the administration at Canisius College that shows your disapproval, if applicable.

President John J. Hurley
Canisius College
2001 Main Street

Buffalo, New York 14208-1098

April 16, 2012

El Savador: First Murder Free Day In Three Years

My photograph of a Salvadoran woman
During the summer of 2009, I spent two weeks traveling throughout the third world country of El Salvador.  In addition to learning about the terrible civil war that occured less than two decades before, my travel companions from Canisius College and I were familiarized with the corruption and terror that is still present.

According to the UN, El Salvador and its neighbor to the east, Honduras, have the highest homicide rates in the entire world.  This past Saturday, El Salvador had its first homicide free day in nearly three years.

President Mauricio Funes released a statement which said, "It's terrible when no homicides during a 24-hour-period becomes something to celebrate, but such is life."

The Central American country has high murder rates in part to violent drug gangs.  Even though the country is plauged with terror and murder, it was one of the most beautiful places I have visited; check out my photographs.

April 12, 2012

It's For Stonewall

Hey, what does that tattoo mean?
You ask,
And I realize that it's a hot day,
A steaming work day in New York City,
And my dress shirt is untucked,
My sleeves pushed towards my elbows,
The sweater is in the office at my desk.

It's for Stonewall,
I respond,

The Stonewall riots,
They took place here,
Not too far from here,
Somewhere in the village.

Oh, that's cool,
But I know you,
And that you don't know about the riots,
But you don't want to ask,
Because you think it's something that you should know,
And you know what?
You're right.

I'm sure I'll see you at a gay club,
A few days down the line,
Or a few weeks,
And I'm sure you didn't know,
That you probably couldn't do that,
If you were born a few decades earlier.

It's gettin' hotter,
Summer is on the move,
And I'll be wearing my sleeves pushed up,
Close to my elbows again,
Even on colder days,
Cause I guess it's time to talk about it,
And I hope you don't forget.

April 11, 2012

The Hard Times of Paul Iacono

Paul Iacono, the handsome yet dorky star of the upcoming show Kenzie's Scale, just recently opened up about being gay.  Iacono was formerly the star of the MTV show The Hard Times of RJ Berger, where he played a high school student that becomes popular after his classmates find out that he has a big dick.  Yeah, I said dick.

23-years-old.  Big penis. Messy hair. Horn rimmed glasses.  Hmmm ... maybe I like this guy because he reminds me of someone I know? I digress.

In all seriousness, I think it's great that LGBT young adults are coming out; not only for other gay and lesbian teens, but for themselves.  As a gay guy interested in comedy, it's also cool for me to have a gay entertainer around my age to relate to.

His upcoming show presumably is a play on words in reference to The Kinsey Scale, which gauges the sexuality of an individual, where "6" is the highest.  If anyone is wondering, I ranked 5.99999.

April 10, 2012

Dudes You Meet On Grindr

Grindr, which is based in the United States and has over 3.5 million users in close to 200 countries, is the go to application for gay and bisexual guys looking for dates, friends, hookups, and everything in between.  I downloaded the app while living in Los Angeles and of course, had an interesting journey as I navigated the ups and downs of gay, digital dating, which I detailed in a Rage Monthly article.

As a 23-year-old gay man living in New York City for close to a month, I have used Grindr to meet guys for lunch or a coffee date; why waste an entire night trying to score a date when it takes less than a half hour or so on your phone?  Meeting people organically is awesome, but for gay men and women, it's a little bit harder -- is that guy in the book store gay?  What about that handsome dude at the airport?  And that, young grasshopper, is where this application comes into play.

There are a handful of cliche people you will meet on Grindr.  Let me introduce them.

1)  In A Relationship.  Their profile reads something similar to the following: "Hey, in a relationship with a great guy, please be respectful" or "Just looking for friends!  Let's meet up," which is often combined with a shirtless or risque picture.  Buddy ... is something wrong with you?  Everyone knows you are not looking for a friend.  Looking for a friend on Grindr is like looking for a wife at a whore house.

2)  Gym Buddy.  These guys just want to find workout partners.   "Yo, anyone workout near Union Square?  Looking for a gym buddy."

3)  Sunglasses.  Yes, sunglasses; they are the cheap mans approach to plastic surgery.  95% of the time, this accessory makes a guy look attractive in their picture.  You talk to a guy for a bit, then you ask them for a non-sunglasses picture, and they either: send you one that does not look like the sunglasses one or they put up a stink, saying shit such as, "what does it matter if I have sunglasses on?"  Well, first off, I personally use Grindr for dating, so unless I'm meeting you for a date and you're going to be wearing sunglasses, I'd like to see what you look like.  Second, most guys use this application for hooking up, and I assume you don't fuck guys with your sunglasses on.  Well, unless it's Spring Break, but that doesn't really count.

4)  Discreet.  They have a body picture.  No information, other than they are "looking" and want "other masculine guys."  Dude - it's 2012 - do everyone a favor, including yourself, and come out of the closet.  Or simply, stop sleeping with guys on the "down low."

5)  The Lover.  This person is looking for love ... on Grindr.  Enough said.

Yo, Homophobe, You Is Gay

In a shocking scientific study, it turns out that homophobic men and women are actually homosexuals themselves; or they at least have same-sex attractions. For those of us who are not brain dead and possess even the slightest social cues, this has been evident since we saw an alpha male call a feminine kid a "faggot" during recess.  A tough guy attitude, sports jersey, and backwards cap is no longer fooling anyone, buddy.

The study, which was conducted with 160 students in the United States and Germany, will be published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology this month.  Netta Weinstein, a professor at the University of Essex stated that "individuals who identify as straight but in psychological tests show a strong attraction to the same sex may be threatened by gays and lesbians because homosexuals remind them of similar tendencies within themselves."

In other news, Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum dropped out of the race today. Am I the only one who loves irony?

April 8, 2012

Dating: Los Angeles Vs. New York City

Bi-monthly, no-pun intended, I have a column in the Southern California publication Rage Monthly. For my April edition, I compare and contrast dating in The City of Angels and The Big Apple.  Sure, it's a LGBT publication, but no matter your sexuality, the ups and downs of modern dating in big cities - or any city, for that matter - seem similar no matter your lifestyle.

If you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, or Orange County, pick up an edition and check out my column when you get a chance.  For the rest of you, check it out on the digital version online and go to page 30.

L.A. or N.Y. : Is A Date Still Just A Date?

Homos & Their Body Obsession

Gay men, it’s time to get over your body obsession, and fast.  Growing up in Buffalo and then moving to Los Angeles and New York City within a year really helped put things into perspective for me.  Sure, I think it’s great that people like to take care of themselves – especially in a country where an overwhelming majority of individuals are overweight – but enough is enough.

Yeah, I am lucky that I come from a family where I could most likely eat a pick-up truck and only gain a pound, but I don’t have the best body.  On a good day, maybe I could be described a rugby players build with a few extra pounds.  That being said; this rant, of course, does not come jealousy or a longing to have the six pack body of every go-go boy from West Hollywood to the streets of Chelsea.

A good and wise friend once said: “You know, a beautiful body doesn’t take away from that fucked up face.”  Since I am a lady, I will not mention what acquaintance this was in reference to; I’m sure you know who you are, bitch.

And while I try not to be superficial, that is true.  I have no issue if someone if pretty or ugly or fat or skinny; whatever, do you.  But if you think you are Gods gift to man – whether you are or not – I’ll be instantly disgusted and turned off.  For the most part, so will an overwhelming majority of people.

Yes, it may seem, at times, that the only thing that gay men have complete control over is a diet and how to shape ones body, but at the end of the day, a great body is awesome, but only if it goes with a great personality.

His Last Easter

William asked his grandfather,
"Why don't you like black people?"
And as his mother and grandmother left the room,
To set the table for dinner,
His grandfather relaxed in his recliner, 
The same one he has used for decades.

"Because that's just the way it is,"
His grandfather responded,
"That's what my pops told me,
And that's what his pops told him,
And that came from his dad,
Who you know,
Wouldn't misguide anyone."

William thought about it,
And it didn't make sense,
As usual,
Because how would he know,
Even slightly,
What his great-great-great grandfather had wanted?

William got up to help set the table,
It was Easter dinner,
And the hours of watching sports was getting to him,
While his grandmother was making sure each setting was perfect.

"Where are you going, bud?"
His grandfather asked,
Almost accusingly,
"Uh, to set the table?"
No, sit down,
He was told,
That's not something a man does.

"Well, why not?"
And his grandfather went on again,
Talking about his grandfather,
And his grandfather,
And then his father,
And that was just the way things were,
Unless William wanted to be a "pansy."

Will turned around and sat back on the ground,
His back against the old couch,
His eyes fixated on the screen.

He had one last question.

"Grandpa.  Why do we celebrate Easter?"
And without skipping a beat,
Like a recording,
His grandfather spoke on,
And at that moment,
It made sense to William,
That "just because" wasn't going to cut it anymore.

April 7, 2012

3 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

Hey sport; listen up.  It's time to stop annoying your friends and classmates with your dramatic pondering of why you are still single.  Is being single a bad thing?  No, not at all, but if you are one that is looking for a relationship a little more stable than a weekend fuck buddy, please consider some of my advice.  And hey gay people - many of us around the United States are finally given the privilege to marry by state, so let's start getting married then divorced so we can really show heterosexual people we are just as normal as them. Conformity is OK for some things; just don't go too far and get an ugly fucking station wagon.  

Here are three reasons why you are still single.

Reason One - You Say Dumb Shit.  Yeah, and not only that, you say cliche dumb shit, such as "I'm not sure where this is going ... you know, we are both on different paths."  Yes, of course you two are on different paths.  If you were on the same path, you would be the same fucking person.  You have a better job than them?  They have a college degree and you don't?  Different professions?  Who cares - it's not 1955 anymore; for relationships, everyone isn't going to come from the same religious, socioeconomic, ethnic, and political background, so embrace your differences and use the diversity of your lives to build an interesting relationship.

Reason Two - You Do Dumb Shit. And not only that, you do cliche dumb shit.  Your date went well, you had a great conversation, and you can't wait to see them again.  Yet - you are going to wait until tomorrow to text them, or even wait a few days.  Why?  Because you don't want to seem "desperate" or "needy."  Who cares?  If you like the person, let them know.  Text them.  Call them.  Send them a damn smoke signal if that floats your boat.  Well, except if you live in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, as it will be lost in the smog.  Anyways, playing games - whether you are casually dating or starting a new relationship - is not going to end well at all.  And think of the friends that gave you this advice; more often than not, those bitches are probably still single.

Reason Three - You Smell Like Shit.  So, go take a shower and call up that hot dude or chick you like.
Once you take my amazing and insightful advice and begin a relationship, make sure to check out my Generation Y Perspective On Love.

April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Michele Bachmann!

The straight wife of closet case Marcus Bachmann is turning 56-years-old today!

According to a source, Michele will be spending the day playing "pin the tail on Obama" while naked in an attempt to help her husband get a boner.

To relax, the politician will also be eating bat shit out of a cave in order to stay current on crazy rants and social beliefs.

April 5, 2012

That Straight Dude Jesus

A student in Ohio is allowed to wear his “Jesus Is Not A Homophobe” t-shirt after a lawsuit involving Lambda Legal, who sued Wayne Local Schools on his behalf.

The t-shirt, pictured to the upper right, also has a cute Jesus fish colored in with rainbow colors; a design that is relatively new to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community.

Maverick Couch is the student that was forced to turn his shirt inside out when he wore it in 2011 for the National Day of Silence.

In other news, I will be wearing my “Jesus Was Not Real” t-shirt tomorrow when, ironically, as an Agnostic, I have the day off from work for Good Friday.  Beautiful irony, baby!

Download Scoutmob. Now.

Scoutmob, an Atlanta-based startup company founded in 2010, is an awesome application for smart phones that not only utilizes restaurants, but coffee shops, boutiques, and a variety of other venues that typically saves one 50% on a purchase.

Like most young applications, it is active in around 20 major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, and Seattle, but is currently expanding and growing as its popularity increases.

Last night, my friend Michelle and I grabbed dinner after work at Nomado33; a hip sushi place near the Murray Hill area of Manhattan.  As working young professionals living in New York City, of course we want to go out to dinner and to a happy hour or two during the week, but why pay an arm and leg if we don’t have to?

I subscribe to emails from the app, so Monday I saw that this particular restaurant was giving 50% off dinner, with a total discount that could not exceed $25.00.  We ordered a sushi for two combo platter, two appetizers, and a soup and salad.  With drinks and taxes included, the entire dinner should have come to around $80.00; not including a tip.

After all was said and done, the entire cost of the meal was a few bucks under $50.00, which included the servers 18% tip, as most places will do this when you use the application.  So, for the most part, everyone makes out in the deal: a moderately priced dinner for the consumers, an above average tip for the server, and word of mouth suggestion for restaurant and bars between friends to increase revenue and traffic for places that utilize Scoutmob.

April 4, 2012

$1.6 Million For Not Liking Salami?

In a strange turn of ironic events, it turns out that chef Mirella Salemi does not like salami; and no, I ain’t talking about the food.

Salemi, who is a lesbian, was recently awarded $1.6 million after her former boss tried to change her sexuality by “praying away” the gay.

Shame on you Mary Ann’s on West Broadway in New York City!

According to The New York Post, restaurant owner Edward Globokar has been ordered to pay a $1.2 million dollar settlement, in addition to $400,000 in compensation. He held regular prayer sessions in order to convert gay employees.

No word yet on if the entire LGBT community is going to be sued for trying to convert straight hot frat guys and pretty sorority girls at college parties for the past two hundred years.

April 2, 2012

Help Support A Buffalo Gal

As I hail from Buffalo, I have learned a few things over the years: just because the bars close at 4AM doesn't mean you have to stay out that late, Gabriel's Gate may just have the best wings in the city, you live by the Sabres, and friends and family come first.

For me, the friends and family lesson is the most important.  I met Kaely Kwitek, a native of Orchard Park, New York, a few years ago when she started hanging out with my little sister, Cristta.  Both became friends over their love of cheer leading.  Always a sweet, funny, and caring girl, I'm sad to announce that Kaely has stage 4 Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma.

When I spoke with Kaely about the support she has received from Buffalo, also known as "The City of Good Neighbors," she said, " the support I have received from friends in the community has made this journey more bearable; not only for me, but also my family."

Please make an effort to join Kaley and her family and friends on Sunday, May 6, 2012 at 3PM until 7PM at The Chicken Coop, VFW Post 8113, 299 Leydecker Road, West Seneca, New York.  She will be having a benefit to help defray medical bills.

To learn more and to see how you can make a donation, please visit the official Facebook Page.

Grindr: Dating Vs. Hooking Up

In addition to my website, I have a few advice columns in LGBT publications throughout the United States.  While living in Los Angeles, I started writing for Rage Monthly, which is distributed heavily throughout Southern California cities including San Diego, Long Beach, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

For my first column, I wrote about Grindr, an application for smart phones that gay men use to date, hook up, and make friends.  Take a moment to find out my first experiences with the application in my article entitled Patience: Is There An App For That?

The Macho World of Sports and Misconceptions

“Wait, who are the Rangers playing?” I asked my friend Michelle as we were walking into Madison Square Garden on Sunday night.

“The Buins.  The Boston Bruins,” Michelle replied.

Needless to say, I am not an avid fan of sports, but as I hail from Buffalo, it seems as if the sports mentality was embedded into my existence as a kid.  I started little loop football at five-years-old and played continuously through my senior year of high school.  As I left for college, I had close to 14 years of football under my belt, in addition to various years of wrestling, lacrosse, and track and field.

Growing up in the “mans” world of competitive sports, of course gay slurs were evident.  “Stop throwing like a pansy” was said to the star quarterback or “stop playing like a faggot” was called when a teammate missed a block.  I didn’t come out of the closet until the start of my freshman year of college; which now, looking back, I think was closely related to my active participation in sports.

As we watched the New York Rangers face the Boston Bruins, it was interesting to immerse myself in the very macho section we were sitting in.  Every so often, a guy in our area would casually say something along the lines of “jeez, he’s playing like a faggot out there” or “what a faggot move.”

The use of the word is slowly dying out, I hope, as the stereotypes of gay men are proven wrong.  During a happy hour with a friend and her coworkers this past week, I was in a conversation with a guy and we were talking about our jobs as we are both in marketing.  When I informed him that my company markets to the LGBT community and we work very closely with liquor and beer companies, he asked, “Wait, do a lot of gay men drink beer?  Don’t they just drink girly drinks?”

I then took the opportunity to inform him that yes, gay men drink beer and yes, gay men are masculine, and yes, gay men are athletes.  We spent the next half hour talking about the gay community, his views, and I answered some his questions.  When I asked him why he never had this type of conversation before, he told me that as a straight male, he never really had too much interaction with gay friends and further, he didn’t know what was appropriate to ask.

It’s the year 2012; I assume the first professional male athlete will come out of the closet over the next few years.  Until then, the United States will slowly evolve to be inclusive to those in the LGBT community, but with sports, it may just take a little more time.

Take a moment to view a video from Sean Avery. He is a heterosexual former player for the New York Rangers who is an advocate and supporter of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community.


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