April 5, 2012

Download Scoutmob. Now.

Scoutmob, an Atlanta-based startup company founded in 2010, is an awesome application for smart phones that not only utilizes restaurants, but coffee shops, boutiques, and a variety of other venues that typically saves one 50% on a purchase.

Like most young applications, it is active in around 20 major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, and Seattle, but is currently expanding and growing as its popularity increases.

Last night, my friend Michelle and I grabbed dinner after work at Nomado33; a hip sushi place near the Murray Hill area of Manhattan.  As working young professionals living in New York City, of course we want to go out to dinner and to a happy hour or two during the week, but why pay an arm and leg if we don’t have to?

I subscribe to emails from the app, so Monday I saw that this particular restaurant was giving 50% off dinner, with a total discount that could not exceed $25.00.  We ordered a sushi for two combo platter, two appetizers, and a soup and salad.  With drinks and taxes included, the entire dinner should have come to around $80.00; not including a tip.

After all was said and done, the entire cost of the meal was a few bucks under $50.00, which included the servers 18% tip, as most places will do this when you use the application.  So, for the most part, everyone makes out in the deal: a moderately priced dinner for the consumers, an above average tip for the server, and word of mouth suggestion for restaurant and bars between friends to increase revenue and traffic for places that utilize Scoutmob.

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