January 24, 2012

I Don't Haight Ashbury

Let's roll back to the 60's,
But we all have to climb that hill,
Are you coming down from that high?
The movement is just starting up.

The left,
The blacks,
The movement,
They call us the movement,
On the top of the hill,
Where Ashbury and Haight meet,
But it's more than that,
It's the whole city.

It's the whole fucking world dude,

But no one is doing a thing,
They never do shit,
Except watch our every move,
Cause they can't.

So yeah,

Maybe I do hate you,
Cause you don't have a spine,
Or worse,

A voice,
Different than the reasons for why you hate me,
I've figured that out,

But let's get one last thing straight,
I don't Haight Ashbury,
I love San Francisco.