September 2, 2011


This post is dedicated to all my gay brothers and straight home girls out there.  For you straight guys and lesbians, let me fill you in on an occurrence that has been fucking up our lives since easy mass travel between North America and Europe became mainstream. 

It's a question that haunts our lives, especially if one comes from a school with a big foreign exchange program.  It has kept many of us up late at night. For some, it may have put their sex life in a downward spiral.  The question the seems to come up when one is going for the kill :


Let me set the scene -- time, 1AM. place, some bar in Collegetown, USA. Situation, bunch of friends out for a night on the town.

Amy is straight (well, except for the one time she had half a bottle of crown, but that does not count).  Jason is gay.  Here is their conversation.

Amy : This night is going great!

Jason: I know. And everything going on with Claude, this night is going to end better!

Amy:  Right?  When do you think he'll ask me to go to his dorm?

Jason: Uh - um, you? What are you talking about?

Amy: I said, when ....

And then it hits them both. They look at each other, and then Claude. FUCK. The questions runs through both their minds - who was he flirting with all night? Is that little tight shirt, low rise jeans, slicked back hair, flamboyant little BITCH gay or European?

And you know what they say-- there is only ONE way to find out ;)

More on this topic at another time.  I will touch upon my gay/European phase in college where I dated an exchange student from Lile, France. And let me tell you, it's not all it's cracked up to be - he was rude, we had to watch movies with sub-titles, and he was obsessed with American fast food, so of course, I gained 7 pounds.

Also, look forward to the post:

LESBIAN OR GYM TEACHER? (Just kidding, take a joke ...)


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