September 1, 2011

9 Myths About Gay Men

I think these two guys are gay
Nine ( 9 ) - all homosexuals are going to hell : please, if everything in the bible was true, everyone would be going to hell, even priests and sweet little old grandmas.  and honestly, think about it : a hot, smoky, loud area filled with other sweaty gay men?  that's not punishment -- that's called A GAY BAR.

Eight ( 8 ) - all gay men are on a diet : almost true - however - there are a few exceptions; Barney and Marcus Bachmann are the only two gay men that are not dieting at the moment. well, maybe they are, but it just ain't working.

Seven ( 7 )gays have sex with animals : this, of course, is not true. although we may pick up a "bear" from a bar every now and then.

Six ( 6 ) - homosexuals try to convince others to be gay : really? a lot of life, sadly, is often spent trying to convince yourself that you are not gay - who has the time to convince others they are?

Five ( 5 ) - all gay men sleep around : no comment. what do guys like? sex. what do girls not like? sex. what happens when two guys get together that share the same interest? there you go.

Four ( 4 )most gay men do drugs : not true, but going on a $450 shopping spree at the Gap is sometimes worse and more expensive then a hardcore coke addiction.

Three ( 3 ) - gays don't want children : are you kidding? i can't wait to have kids - less housework for me. oh, and of course i can spend all my time trying to turn them gay! muah ha ha.

Two ( 2 ) - homosexuals have no morals : that's not gay men - it's called the entire human race after 2 shots of tequila. we've all been there.

One ( 1 ) - gay men _______ : create your own, cause as long as we have bigots and ignorant people in the world, the stereotypes are always going to be around.


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