June 28, 2017

European-Americans for Peace

As ancestors of European settlers and immigrants to the United States, we pledge to use education, art, debate, journalism, photography, science and research to advocate for peace in the US and abroad.

We acknowledge that our ancestors have brought both praise and shame to our great nation, and through dialogue and other forms of interaction, we can educate and inspire others.

We believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Please join me as I launch
European-Americans for Peace, a newsletter delivered by mail to your home, office or university. First delivery is expected by the end of summer.

I look forward to sharing my views with you.

Jeffrey Hartinger
San Francisco, California
June 2017

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April 8, 2017

The Gangway

It was like we were old friends chatting for hours, but when it came time for you to leave, I asked who was picking you up.

You become cold, as if hearing the bartender say,“ten to twelve minutes,” was something scandalous.

The homeless lady was chased out again, a couple came out of the bathroom together, the local sobbed about his friend dying, as the Giants glowed in the background.

“It was wild,” your eyes lit up as you told me about the 90’s in San Francisco.

It then made me a bit sad, to know that the strapping gay men of my generation, were somewhere in this beautiful city, their eyes fixated on a black mirror.

January 18, 2017

Short Story: History Class

Abigale slid into her seat unnoticed. Or at least she thought so.

“Ms. Brennan. If you don’t have time for history, then what do you have time for, exactly?”

For someone who likes history, and the value of time, she wondered why he asked such dumb questions.

“I’m sorry.”

He, Mr. Bard, waddled up to his angular desk. He stopped for a moment, then made his way over to the board.

“AMERICAN HISTORY (2017): PART ONE” he scribbled in sharp letters.

Part one? Abigale sighed.

She thought the lesson on World War II was pretty boring and that was only three days. How in God’s name was she going to survive an entire two weeks?

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